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We are seriously devoted Christians with a quest for the truth as taught by Jesus and his Apostles.


The purpose of this web site is to try and remove all of the Greek Philosophy that was fused into Christianity in the early centuries. What is taught now by most Christian Churches resembles very little what was taught by the Apostles and the early followers.


This was not done on purpose but was just an unfortunate progression of events. Easy examples of other traditions or beliefs being mixed in with Christian beliefs can still be easily seen today in our Easter celebration with bunnies and eggs or Christmas with evergreen tress and Yule logs.


What a lot of people don't easily see is the mixture of Greek Philosophy with Christian Doctrines because they have been taught that they are correct since childhood and so do not question them. But if you truly want to understand Christianity, Jesus and God's plan then you need to invest a little time and do a little research.


This web site exists so that people that do not have a lot of free time to do extensive research can have the material and sources already laid out for them. All the sources are listed and you can verify everything that is in every paper.


If you have any questions please contact us. We are not here to argue we are just here to present information that every Christian should have.


God Bless.

Juan Baixeras




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